Top Spots In Liverpool

The top spots in Liverpool comprise of 5 different areas within the city that all visitors should explore. These are the essential places that you must immerse yourself into if you really want to know what makes the city of Liverpool special. Among these places, you will find the best retail stores and expose yourself to the rich and diverse culture, dining, and heritage of the city. Of course, one of these top spots will take you closer to the history of the Fab Four – the Beatles.

If ever you are still in process of creating your itinerary for your visit to Liverpool, it is strongly suggested that you begin with these 5 spots.

What are the top spots to visit in Liverpool?

So what are the 5 top spots in Liverpool?

Liverpool One

This is where you can shop ‘til your heart’s content. There are several shops in this spot like Disney, Lego, Nike, and Adidas. You can even visit department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis. You can shop for beauty products in Beauty Bazaar, and purchase from designers like Karen Millen, Flannels, and Michael Kors. This place also has a 14 screen Odeon cinema and several dining options on the Terrace and Chavasse Park.

Bold Street

This is one of the prestigious streets in the city is located in the heart of the city centre. This place has both small and big businesses that you probably would like to explore. The street has a bohemian kind of vibe. There are restaurants, bistros, boutiques, and bars. There is diversity in the businesses that you can visit like food stores, retail shops, sports stores, furniture, and even shops specifically for bridal and christening events. The open space will give you a lot of opportunities to walk around and really experience another side of Liverpool’s culture.

Lark Lane

The locals call this place “The Lane” and it one of the top spots in Liverpool. It is located between Aigburth Road and Sefton Park. This is also where you can find a lot of retail shops that are unique and kind of eclectic. It is where a lot of locals meet and do business with each other and tourists as well. There are several bars and restaurants to visit in case you get tired of walking all day. You can even meet artists and designers that will help you find crafty projects to work on. There will always be an activity whether it is day and night so if you want to enjoy the whole day without going anywhere, you probably want to start with this place.

Penny Lane

This is included in the list because it was made famous by The Beatles. This was where John Lennon and Paul McCartney would meet to catch a bus to go to town. They both have a lot of shared memories in this street – which led them to write the song of the same name together. For all the fans of the Fab Four, this is where usually go to for a Beatlemania pilgrimage. Apart from the tribute to the Beatles, there are several businesses for you to explore and buy stuff from.

Hope Street

This is the “Best Street in the UK” and when you go for a visit, you will understand why. There are two magnificent Cathedrals here (the Magnificent Cathedral and the Anglican Cathedral), the Everyman Theatre, and of course, the Philharmonic Hall. There are also several independent restaurants and bars to relax in. This should be a great way to explore another side of the culture of Liverpool.

These are the 5 top spots in Liverpool that you should explore to make your visit enriching and memorable. Of course, there are more beyond these places so if you have more time, feel free to explore the other places in this beautiful city.