Greatest Festivals Of Liverpool

The festivals of Liverpool will give you a whole new perspective about what festivities mean. It is a known fact that Liverpool specialises in holding the greatest festivals in the UK. The diversity in culture and heritage plus the popularity of The Beatles gave the city a lot of reasons to hold festivals all throughout the year. There is surely one festival that will appeal to your personal taste and belief.

What are the different festivals in Liverpool?

So what are the greatest of the festivals that you can participate in Liverpool?


This is a month long activity from April to May of 2017. It is a collaboration that provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and images. This focuses on an exchange with Chinese photographers taking photos of both Hong Kong and Liverpool.

WoWFest 2017

This festival is all about literature and the arts and various thoughts and ideas. It is a radical writing festival that celebrates storytelling, humour, inquiry, debate, and controversy. It is an annual event that celebrates the talents of local artists and writers.

Sound City

This is an independent festival that focuses on new music. Among the other festivals of Liverpool, this event attracts a lot of participants. There are over 23,000 fans and 2,000 professional from the industry that gathers for the festival. They come from 30 countries all over the globe to network, showcase their own music and basically share their talents.

LightNight Liverpool

This is a late-night arts festival that displays various light projections with a live musical accompaniment. There are different workshops, arts and crafts, street performers, dancing and exhibitions all throughout the event.

Physical Fest

This is a yearly international festival that shows the talent involved in physical theatre. Among the festivals of Liverpool, this is the most unique in all of the UK with ten days worth of performances from international and national artists. It also includes workshops, events, and street theatre.

Africa Oyé

This is considered to be the biggest celebration of music and culture with an African and Caribbean influence. It is an annual event that takes place in June at Sefton Park. It used to be a small gig when it started 25 years ago but it has grown to attract up to 50,000 people from different nations.

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival

This event pays homage to the rich culture of the Arabs. There are visual arts, dance, film, music, theatre, and literature highlighted throughout the festival. This celebration attracts UK and international artists. People from various parts of the world come here to celebrate the event and it is even connected to a digital audience. The festival usually happens in different venues all over Liverpool so you can expect it to be a momentous event.

On The Verge

This is a dynamic festival that features provocative works of art in unusual spaces in various areas in Liverpool. It is a 9-month programme that involves several artists and even companies. It showcases different innovative ideas and art forms and is available for everyone in Liverpool to see.

Liverpool Comedy Festival

If it is laughter that you want, then this is what you need to watch out for. This event lasts for a couple of weeks and is organised by The Comedy trust. It aims to deliver world-class entertainment that brings together famous comedic acts and new talent as well. Like the other festivals of Liverpool, this event happens in different venues all over the city.

As you can see, there are a lot of festivals happening in Liverpool every year. This is not even the complete list. You can be sure that when you visit, there will be a lot of things for you to do and participate in to enrich your stay in this city